After I had my son, I had a 2+ separation. It was a long journey but after a lot of hard work with Lisa’s Control D method, I was able to close my diastasis, lose weight, and feel strong in my body in a way I never had before. My second pregnancy went so much smoother and after baby number two just last month I have ... no separation! I’ve physically recovered so much faster from childbirth this time and I am certain that without Lisa and her incredible knowledge, support and coaching, I would be in a very different place right now. It sounds crazy to say
but I feel like she saved my body. I am eternally grateful to her!
— Corynne, freelance writer/editor, 4 year client

I have taken Pilates classes from Lisa for over six years. She actually introduced me to Pilates and got me started taking classes. It is because of Lisa’s skill as a teacher and the positive changes I’ve seen in my body as a result that has made me a dedicated Pilates student.

Lisa is an incredible teacher. She focuses on correct form, breathing and alignment so that the exercises are done correctly and you receive the most out of your workout. After taking one of Lisa’s classes I feel better both physically and mentally. My muscles are sore from the impact of the exercises and my mind is cleared through focus on my breathing and meditation session.

Lisa remembers each of her clients and their individual body quirks or injuries. She provides consistency between classes as she monitors your progress from week to week and how Pilates has helped improve any issues you have in your body, whether it’s flexibility or a bad shoulder, or even just as you get better at the exercises. She truly cares about each of her student’s progress and growth.
I recommend Lisa to everyone I know.
— Jen, attorney, 6 year client

Brooklyn Embodied is THE BEST! I’ve been doing Pilates with Brooklyn Embodied for the last 5 years and here are just some of the things it has done for me:

1. Gotten my body into, and kept it in, excellent shape - including pre-childbirth and now postpartum. I am fully convinced the Pilates I did before and now since giving birth to my now 8 month old helped my body recover quicker and is helping me get my shape back. I work hard in the classes, but it’s fun and enjoyable - I don’t feel like I’m killing myself to do it and I always look forward to the next class.

2. Helped me reduce pain - Lisa is amazing at personalizing work-outs even within a group class. Whenever I have shoulder or neck pain she points me to exactly the right exercises to do to help. She also spots exactly what you’re doing wrong and quickly corrects you so that you are maximizing your work-outs (in a warm and helpful way!)

3. Created an amazing sense of community - Lisa’s classes have a fun and communal vibe. She really brings people together. I’ve made great friends, gotten incredible parenting tips, neighborhood recommendations and referrals and more through her classes.

I cannot say enough good things about Brooklyn Embodied - I STRONGLY recommend it!
— Julie, public policy consultant/career coach, 5 year client

Before I met Lisa, I couldn’t do a sit-up properly, much less stand up straight. After two years of private and group lessons with her, I have seen incredible progress! Even in group lessons, Lisa is attuned to each person’s different needs and gives individual attention, advice, and adjustments, regardless of fitness level. In private lessons, she designs personalized workouts that target my problem areas and concerns. Lisa is extremely knowledgable about physiology, fitness, and nutrition, and I would recommend her to all ranges of people, from someone who has never worked out before, to the most advanced pilates student.
— Meredith, teacher, 2 year client

I have severe diastasis recti as a result of pregnancy many years ago, and I have hated exercise classes for years because no one seemed to understand how to strengthen my abs or fix the separation. I thought there was no hope, except maybe surgery, for those muscles to come together again. Recently I started to experience back pain, and my doctor prescribed diastasis repair classes. I was blessed to find Lisa and the Control D method!

Lisa’s diastasis repair class IS WORKING TO REPAIR MY ABS! I went from having one of the most severe diastases Lisa had ever seen (not an honor I was happy about!) to having a narrower separation, tighter abs and flatter stomach in just 4 sessions, so far! Each week the space narrows, and I have faith that I will completely repair these muscles. Every woman in the class is improving drastically. It’s amazing! Lisa has taught us to move safely and consciously, to use focused breathing, and perform subtle yet powerful exercises for dramatic results.
— Julietta, Doula and hypnotherapist, 1 year client

Lisa is amazing. I first found her after I developed diastasis with my first pregnancy. She helped me close it enough to have a stable second pregnancy and then created a program for me to do prenatally, which meant I didn’t make the separation bigger (and let me tell you my belly got huge with that pregnancy so it’s kind of a miracle). I’m now working on closing it completely and am making great progress. Her understanding of anatomy and diastasis recti is outstanding.
— Liz, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing, 4 year client