Google Hangout Open level Classes*

Mondays 10-10:45am

Tuesdays 8-8:45pm, Tuesdays 9-9:45pm

Workout from home! These google classes are more fast paced, going through the basic mat work. Keep the convenience of a home workout with a detailed class and personal corrections. These classes require previous pilates experience.


Google Hangout Diastasis/Postnatal Class*

Fridays 1:30-2:15pm

This Google class is perfect for every postnatal or diastasis client. Class focuses on healing the postpartum body and strengthening the deep abdominals to support the body through motherhood. Before joining, this class requires one private, either online or in person. 


*All Google group classes are 45 minutes and $15


Google Hangout Privates 

Google privates are perfect if you are just starting out, live out of town, or need to check in with your home program. 

15 minutes- $25 

30 minutes- $50

45 minutes- $65